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Director's Message


Dear Student,
The scope of Pharmacy profession is of great value in serving mankind. It plays on important role in Planning, Organizing and co – ordination of Health services at primary secondary and tertiary level. Nihal Singh College of Pharmacy was established in August 2018 as apex center of assimilating, creating and spreading quality education in the field of Pharmacy study. The college has assimilated the fact that our students need to be highly accomplished enterprising & committed citizens bearing. In them the capability of generating the world class results in Pharmacy field. The role of this college is not only to offer the academic knowledge but also to prepare the student for further research programmer in the field of Pharmacy. It is a proud moment that the faculty is Providing immence knowledge to the students of Nihal Singh College of Pharmacy focuses on Nurturing Pharmacy with knowledge, Compassion & confidence who can lead the health care industry. I am sure that students will have learning opportunities with us which could definitely shape their career & help them in achieving their goals.

Mr. Jai Singh
Nihal Singh College of Pharmacy